Things to Do Before Calling a Moving Company!

Check the following things to do before calling Los Angeles Melrose Movers:

  1.  Sort your belongings. Whether you are moving across town or across the country, the fewer items you take, the lower the cost and amount of time that will be needed for packing. To reduce these, take the time to select your stuff. Depending on the time you have, there are different ways to go about selection. If you are in a rush, donate items or take them to a consignment store. There is probably a fair amount you can even just toss out. If you will be using movers that charge by weight, get rid of anything heavy that you can live without or repurchase for less than the cost to move it.
  2. Plan things ahead. Make lists of everything that needs to get done and set a schedule so that nothing is left out. This includes things like calling utility companies on both ends of the move, researching movers, arranging for help if you need it, and making arrangements for your kids.
  3. Gather moving supplies. There are plenty of ways to get enough boxes for your move that are far cheaper than buying all new boxes. You can often find used boxes online or even at moving truck rental facilities where past movers have turned them in. You can even get boxes for free. Things get more complicated with the rest of the supplies.
  4. Pack items. It is best not to leave it all to the last minute. Start with things you won’t need. Label the outside of the box what is in it to aid in unpacking. You should pack your most valuable items in boxes you will transport yourself. You’ll also want an essentials box for those things you need right away, such as toiletries, some clothing, and perhaps some food and cookware.


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