How To Pick The Best Movers For Household Relocation

May is National Moving Month and the beginning of the residential moving season in the United States. This time of year is the busiest for moving companies Los Angeles.  It is crucial to organize and plan ahead and so is selecting a reliable mover. But how to pick the best movers for household relocation?  Check the following blog-post!

The first and most important thing to do is to check each company’s legal status. Movers may claim to be licensed and insured, but unless you can confirm the validity of that claim, do not take it at face value. If you are moving locally,  you can get info about the mover with either the state Department of Transportation or the Public Utilities Commission. Contact the relevant authority and see if the mover is really licensed. If you are moving interstate, access Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) resources. The agency’s Safety and Fitness Electronic Records System website allows you to check whether a mover is licensed and insured, as well as the results of their inspections.

The next thing to verify is the reputation.  Check reviews, complaints and ratings.   If there are too many bad opinions about the company, then you should try to keep a distance. When gathering information on movers, pay attention to features such as membership in moving associations and local communities, and other special accreditations. Also, check for recent awards.

Compare their services and how many extra services can provide. Specialty services and moving are really appreciated. Furthermore, check how crafty the workers are and if they are able to provide professional crafting, packing or unpacking services.  See if the company has dealt with moving musical instruments, gym equipment, studio equipment and other valuable items. These are signs for working with reliable movers.

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