Advantages And Disadvantages of Moving In Summer

Check the advantages and disadvantages of moving in summer and if you need help, contact moving company Los Angeles!

There are several advantages to planning your move during the summer. The most obvious one is the pleasant weather. Hot weather automatically means no icy or snow-covered roads (safe and efficient driving), non-slippery driveways (minimum risk of accidents) and no frozen hands, feet or faces (heightened level of comfort and lessened risk of injuries).

Because summer is also when school is out, it is easier to have the whole family there to help. You won’t have to synchronize with school schedules and this will give everyone plenty of time to get acquainted to the new surroundings before your kids have to return to school.

Finally, with the majority of people moving in the summer, you will find that there are more options available when it comes to prospective housing. More apartments are available during this time of the year, and you will find more houses on the market as well. You will have a wide variety of options to choose from, making finding the right place to move easier.

While summer may seem like the ideal time to move, there are also some drawbacks to moving during this time of the year. The cost of hiring a moving company may be more expensive, as summer is a peak time for movers.  Moving during the summer also mean higher prices for the place you want to live.

Unfortunately, the summer is also the thriving period of certain dishonest moving companies which are known to use unethical, as well as illegal, tactics to lure in its customers.

Together with all the household items that your selected moving company won’t move for safety reasons, the extreme heat in the truck trailer will prevent you from transporting any heat sensitive goods, such as electronic equipment, CDs, DVDs, candles, etc. Take note of such personal possessions and either take them with you or find an alternative method to ship them to your new home.

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