5 Important Moving Supplies You Should Buy

A moving cannot start without the proper tools and supplies. Find out the top 5 most important moving supplies you should buy in advance. And if you need professionals for your move, call our Los Angeles cheap movers.

1)     Boxes. Boxes are essential for any move. Here is where you will temporarily store all the items during the transit. It is important to have quality, sturdy boxes that will not tear apart during the move. Before placing any item, check the boxes first and see if they have any holes or ruptures.  Talk with local suppliers and see what they can recommend you.

2)     Cushioning Materials. Polyethylene foam and Styrofoam are efficient cushioning materials. We recommend you to realize a cushioning layer on the bottom of each box, place the items, fill the gaps with packing peanuts, place the items and after that, create a top cushioning layer. In this way you will ensure maximum protection for all your precious objects.

3)     Wrapping Materials. Newsprint paper, old rugs and bubble wrap are the most common used materials. If you have fragile items, we recommend you to use bubble wrap, it is safer. Secure the layer of bubble wrap with a stripe of packing tape.  Wrap each fragile item individually.

4)     Labels.  Labels are a timesaver and they must not miss on the moving supplies list. After you have carefully packed your items and filled a box, seal that box with packing tape and apply a label.  You will know better where to place the box and you will avoid doing stupid mistakes, like placing heavy items above fragile items.

5)     Moving gears. There are different tools you can use for a move. Hand trucks and dollies are ideal for moving boxes. Furniture pads can be placed under furniture and it will help you move that item faster and easier.  You can either buy these tools, but they are not that cheap. If you hire a mover, that company will surely send specially designed equipment along with a team of workers.

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